IBM Recycling Electronic Garbage


Global warming becomes a big problem in this world and many associations held Green movements. One of the biggest computer vendors, IBM also held green movement called Big Green IBM which will help their clients to recycle the electronic stuff to help reduce global warming effects.

IBM has been recycling over than one billion pounds or about 500 million kilograms of electronic trash in the world. They help more than 2000 clients especially in Europe and America in recycling all of the computer devices, from monitor to storage. The job is done by the contractor, a computer server is sent to a contractor to be recycled together with the computer and other parts of the computer. The purpose of this movement is to save the money of IBM’s clients, reduce environment effects and to simplify their information technology system. Data center becomes the main target from IBM’s green project because data center has computer server and devices which is consume more energy.

The IBM scientist has develop a way to reduce the heat of computer chip which has circuit and components that installed with pilling up and streamed by water become a cooler system which can reduce the absorbency of energy significantly.


Microsoft will make MORRO free


As the development of technology is growing, PC crime has high rank in the world of technology. This level of crime makes the masters of technology aware with it and they awareness cannot be denied anymore. They must think about something to solve this problem.

It can be clearly that the king of software, Microsoft creates a product called Morro code which is for free. This product will replace Microsoft security product, Windows Live OneCare and OneCare will be stopped June 30, 2009. This new offers can protect PCs in the development country effectively. Based on complain of the customers that they need some other complete protection for their PC, there are always new threatening and Microsoft is very aware with these things. This new free offers is possible for Microsoft to protect more customers especially in a place where the PC’s growing is defeated by malware. Morro has the same engine with the previous product, but this new one is more echoes friendly.

You may consider that this is the right step to safe your PC from malware, this product will be launched on the second period of 2009 then we will see the advantages of this product, it is really can help us in avoiding malware or not.


MotoMan SD1, Robot That Can Cook


The era of robot is coming closer. Honestly, the more advance technology that implemented in the robot will make lot of human’s job will be easier. Anything can be happen if this world is completed with robot, but can you think that if that condition comes to reality, then you what happen to the people. More people will lose their job and become unemployment. Robot can do anything even cooking.

If you know about MotoMan technology, which is the robot that made by Japanese company, actually he can cook for you. Actually this MotoMan is one of the best product from Yaskawa Electric, the company that operate in Japan and work to provide the best robot that help human job.

When you open otorman.com, which is the official website of this robot, then you can find information about their products. This company is one of the leaders in robotic technology. This company will find the newest technology and implement it in their products.

Actually when you look at one of their product, which is MotoMan SD1, you will be surprise when you know that this robot can cook Okonomiyaki. This is actually human job, but now this robot can do it. Originally, this robot is dedicated to build and make the camera, but now you can see that this robot can do more. This robot only has 135 cm height and 220 kg in weight. This robot also equipped with long hand so it can do more thing in long wider area.

Now you can see that robot is coming faster than we thought before. The robotic era will replace human era. If this still happen, then there will be more unemployment in this world. Actually robot is not threat for human, but its existence should only help not replace. Anyway, this is kind of improvement and we should happy with it, for now.


IBM Seeking for the Best XML Developer

Who don’t know about IBM? This is one of the biggest and the best company that work in computer technology and other software. Lately, IBM has done several competitions that used to determine and find the best XML programmer for them. In this competition, IBM will work together with IDUG or International DB2 Users Group. As I told before that they will work together to find the best XML programmer and developer.

They will work together for one reason, which is to develop new software. They find the best XML developer for new software that work on XML basis. Anyway, the competition is held in many countries around the world and one of them is held in Indonesia. The title of this competition is The Search for the XML Superstar. This competition is only dedicated for college student and focus in South East Asian.

According to the Manager of IBM in Indonesia said that this competition is not only to find the best XML developer, which focus on young XML developer. Another purpose of this competition is to show that IBM is good company that has good relationship with their customer and to prove that IBM has high commitment to its customers. This competition is conduct because the users of XML based software are growing bigger and bigger in the world and especially in Asia.

Not only to prove that IBM has high commitment and care to its customers, this competition will also beneficial for the country to recruit new expert in Information Technology. If the contestant can show high performance, then the country can hire this person.

This competition will not only show people for the power of IBM. This competition will also teach the contestant and many young people in the world about the real excitement and competitive business.

More Information : XML Superstar
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Google Street View

Google street

The new inventing has come out again from Google. After create the famous Google earth, now Google come again with the new program, which is Google Street View. While at Google earth we can see the whole earth, in this Google Street View we can see many streets in the country all around the world, of course only the street that has been entered into Google Street. Just a view week from the launching and got many good comments from many viewers, Google has been update this application into a new and great view.

Different with the old one, the latest Google Street View has new view. The latest updates have been make Google Street View comes with two different visions. One vision is for the street (street view) the other is for the map (Google map). With these two kinds of vision it makes us easier to look the street location due to the map along together, and it will give you the vision the picture of the street. It’s very wonderful application that has been made by Google. The way it operates is very simple. In the Google view, when you entered into Google map, there was an icon that called Pegman. Pegman located at the top left corner on the Google map, if you want to know how to operate this Google and you willing to know where’s the location of the street that you looking, you just simply drag and put the Pegman in the street location that you want to see.

Don’t worries in how to find whether that street has been have the street view facility itself? The street that has street view facility has been marked by blue line, so you can just see. It’s easy to use this application. You can download this application for free in Google.